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Building on our successes

We recognise a huge amount of great collaborative work has been underway since long before any of the latest developments, demonstrating the value of what we can achieve by working more closely together in pursuit of a shared objective.

Where we have successful examples of collaboration delivering benefits to the population and our shared workforce, it is important that these are given the support to keep doing so.

Some examples of how here in Frimley we have worked together with clinical and professional leaders across the system include:

  • The clinical interface between Primary and Secondary Care
  • The Frimley Leadership Academy and 20/20 programme
  • Urgent Care Clinical Leaders collaboration
  • Our Ethical Framework Group….
  • ….and many others.

Our continued progress relies on a need to keep innovating. Every partner organisation, regardless of sector, will have to change some of the ways in which it works in order for our shared development to be maintained.

This is not only an exciting opportunity at the ‘cutting edge’ of defining the role of the public sector and the citizen in the 21st century but also a real leadership challenge, requiring a level of resilience to be demonstrated by each of us as we learn and support each other.