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A year of integrated care services - King's Fund report

A year of integrated care services - King's Fund report

The Frimley Health and Care system is one of the case studies used in the latest King's Fund report on integrated care systems

Key Message from the report:

The development of integrated care systems (ICSs) represents a fundamental and far-reaching change in how the NHS works, both between different parts of the service and with external partners. The evidence in this report shows that progress is being made in most ICSs in improving health and care and developing the capability to work as a system.

The challenge now is to build on the foundations that have been laid by removing the barriers we have identified and providing time and support to ICS leaders to take their work to the next stage of development.

Having willed the ends, national bodies must provide the means to enable ICSs to succeed. As this happens, the understandable desire to see change happen
quickly needs to be married with realism about the scale and complexity of what is being attempted.

Read the report here