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Frimley Health and Care Green Plan

Thank you for visiting our Green Plan page - our Green Plan is our ICS strategy to decarbonise our local healthcare system to support the NHS’ national ambition to reach Net Zero by 2040.

As a system, we are now preparing to become a statutory body from 1st July. The Frimley Clinical Commissioning Group will cease to exist on 30 June 2022 and be replaced with a new statutory body, the Frimley NHS Integrated Care Board (ICB)

Preparations are currently underway to transition to the new Integrated Care Board (ICB). In line with this, we are finalising our Green Plan to ensure it is both ready for formal ICB sign-off in July and that it is formed in accordance with our internal governance framework. Once this process is complete our Green Plan will be available to access via this web page. 

If you have any queries regarding our Green Plan, please contact Robert Morgan 

Attached to this statement is a draft version of the Frimley Integrated Care System Green Plan.  This will be replaced with a new version once approved in accordance with the new Governance arrangements for the ICB.  Green Plans, by their very nature, are likely to change and evolve and as such are likely to be updated and refreshed