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Our plans to create healthier communities

Frimley Health and Care is focused on the things that matter most, working with patients, local people, our staff and partners to help us to all live healthier lives.

We have split our plans into key ambition areas to help us deliver the biggest impact for local communities.

These are:

Starting Well: We want all children get the best possible start in life,

  • Engaging children and young people in a different way, working with education and building on young people’s creativity and energy
  • Targeted support for children and families with the highest needs and those who are the hardest to reach
  • Support supporting women to be healthy before pregnancy
  • A safe birth
  • Life choices and opportunities
  • Increased happiness and decreased anxiety 

Focus on Wellbeing: We want all people to have the opportunity to live healthier lives, no matter where in our system they live. 

You will be able to have more years of healthy life because you have opportunities in education, work, accommodation, healthy lifestyle choices and increased wellbeing. Our ambition is to Improve the health and wellbeing of the poorest and sickest fastest.

Community Deals: We will develop ‘community deals’ with our local residents.

We will work with our local residents, families , volunteers and carers to agree how we collectively (as organisations and individuals and families) create healthier communities, supporting healthy choices and designing and delivering new ways of working to improve the health and wellbeing of our local population. 

Our People: We want to be known as a great place to live, work, develop, make a positive difference.

We want all of our people have the opportunity to be physically and mentally healthy, fulfilled, effective and flexible in how they work and what they do.
We want to attract our local population to careers in our health and care system.

Leadership and Cultures: We will work together to encourage co-design, collaboration, inspiration and a chance to contribute. Improvement and adding value will underpin how we work across all our staff, public service partners, voluntary sector and local businesses.
Our approach will include:

  • Integrating teams at place and targeting our care
  • Knowing our communities and being part of them
  • ‘With’ our residents, not ‘to’ – co-designing all our work
  • Listening to what is important locally

Outstanding Use of Resources: We will offer the best possible care, treatment and support where it is most needed in the most affordable ways using the best available evidence.
We will be known for working together to maximise the impact of the skills and capacities of our staff, making decisions based on good intelligence, our digital capabilities, our ‘Frimley pound’, our local buildings and facilities. We will shift resources to increase benefits.

The system works to a System Operating Plan which brings all the organisations common areas of work together to focus priorities. It sets out timescales and further information about the work that is happening across our partnership.