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Creating healthier communities

Working collaboratively with all our partners in the system, our intention is that the Frimley Health and Care system Five Year Strategy, developed through high levels of engagement, reflects local needs, issues and priorities and is ambitious for our population and system. It will tackle the wider determinants of health and wellbeing for our population and finally it is rooted in evidence - its development has been based on what people have told us, alongside good data and intelligence.

You can view the strategy here.

What are we doing?

Mapping our stakeholders and opportunities for engagement -
All partner organisations have established approaches to working together with their local communities, practices, partners,
health service providers, local authority partners and members of the voluntary sector. We are committed to bringing together these approaches to create new, dynamic ways of working with our stakeholders as a broader health and care system.

Building our ambition: Insight & inspiration -
To develop a collaborative shared view and understanding of what we want to achieve and what success looks like, we want to pull
together our insight of what we already know and work together to develop a long term strategy.

Healthwatch-led community engagement
Healthwatch England have been awarded funding to carry out local engagement with the public to support the development of our strategy. A bespoke survey was created and received over 1500 responses. In addition local engagement and focus groups were held with targeted groups.

See the full Healthwatch report here.

Community Panel - An online panel of over 1500 local residents will provide an opportunity to explore links between population health data, culture and patient
experience. In turn this will enhance understanding of our population and support
future planning in new and innovative ways.

Clinical Engagement - We are proactively engaging with our clinical colleagues including our GP community to ensure a sustainable and attractive business model, fit for the future.

Pop up events - To articulate what we have developed and agree our roles in the delivery of the plan, we will hold a series of pop-up
events which aim to share what we have done to develop the Five Year Strategy and tell local people and our staff about the shared ambition for the system.