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The Inspiration Station

Throughout July 2019 we invited over 250 people from a cross-section of our organisations to come through our ‘Inspiration Station’. This included representation from all our partner organisations, community representatives and our voluntary sector colleagues.

The Inspiration station took people through a series of rooms where we presented a variety of intelligence and insight from our system in a way we hadn’t presented before.

The insight included information about our population, funding, key areas of work to date and patient and public engagement feedback. This provided a place for teams of people to take part in a 90 minute facilitated, interactive planning session.

The aim of the sessions was to bring different expertise and experience together to collaboratively discuss what is important for our people locally, where we need to focus our energy and the Frimley Pound, and how we work together to  shape the ‘creating healthier communities’ plan for the next five years.

Inspiration Station information panels

Before launching the Inspiration Station we created some information panels to set out some of what we already knew about the area, about local people's general health and wellbeing, and about what people were telling health and care services.

We also wanted to lay out some of the work that has already taken place.

Please click on the below links to view the panels.