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Our plans

Frimley Health and Care is focused on the things that matter most, working with patients, local people, our staff and partners to help us to all live healthier lives.

We have split our plans into key priority areas to help us deliver the biggest impact on services for local communities.

These are:

Prevention and self-care – ensuring people have the skills, confidence and support to self-care and to stay well

Integrated care decision-making – developing integrated teams of multi-disciplinary practitioners providing single points of access to services such as rapid response and re-ablement

GP transformation – laying foundations for a new model of general practice provided at scale to offer a wider range of services in the community, including development of GP federations to improve resilience and capacity

Support workforce – supporting the care support workforce so that it is fit for purpose and offers good career opportunities across the system

Care and support – transforming the social care support market and improved management of the market by health and social care working more closely together. Helping to make the best use of the money available across the Frimley Health and Care system and better plan for the future care support needs of local people.

Reducing clinical variation – ensuring that the population has access to the same high quality of services across the system wherever they live

Shared care record – helping people to tell their story once by implementing a shared care record that is accessible to professionals across the footprint

We have created a plan on a page to show how our priorities fit together with national programmes of work. See the Plan on a Page here

The system works to a System Operating Plan which brings all the organisations common areas of work together to focus priorities. It sets out timescales and further information about the work that is happening across our partnership.