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Frimley Public Services Partnership, aka ‘The Integrated Care Partnership’ (ICP)

The ICP will be a statutory joint committee between the Local Authorities and the Frimley Integrated Care Board (ICB). It will have a critical role to play in the ICS, facilitating joint action to improve health and care outcomes and experiences across the population, and influencing the wider determinants of health, including creating healthier environments and inclusive and sustainable economies.

Building on our engagement with our partners, our local task and finish group have designed the Frimley ICP to have a strategic role, considering what arrangements work best in our local area by creating a dedicated forum to enhance relationships between leaders across the health and care system. The proposed remit for the ICP is to:

  • Consider and set the strategic intent of the partnership; act as final approver of the ICS Strategy, including the proposed programmes of work, outcomes and intended benefits;
  • Act as an objective “guardian” of the ICS vision and values, putting the population’s needs and the successful operation of the ICS ahead of any sector or organisation specific areas of focus;
  • Provide a forum for the consideration of Wider Determinants of Health and Health Inequalities, taking fullest advantage of the opportunities arising to hear the views and perspectives of the broadest range of local stakeholders and democratic representatives.

Frimley ICP will create a platform for its entire membership. Local Authorities, NHS, Healthwatch, Voluntary, Charity and Social Enterprise (VCSE) organisations will form an ‘assembly’. The assembly will ensure a voice for those who can speak on behalf of their communities and bring a very new approach to the design of our strategic ambitions. The ICP will work closely with the ICB to ensure all voices are heard in planning and prioritisation decisions.