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The Frimley Provider Collaborative

The Frimley Provider Collaborative will provide a platform for providers of health and care to work together on the planning and delivery of services. By working effectively at scale, the Provider Collaborative will allow new approaches to tackle unwarranted variation, design transformative improvements and deliver the best care for patients and communities.

Our vision in this space includes primary, community, mental health and acute providers working together with local residents to agree how to optimise models of care that address the needs of patients and the teams of professionals who support them and each other.

The Provider Collaborative is committed to working across a range of programmes and represent a new way that providers will collaborate to plan, deliver and transform services. Early priorities already identified for which the Provider Collaborative is taking delivery responsibility include:

  • Transformation of the Pain pathway for Frimley residents
  • Delivery of the national Ageing Well programme
  • Redesign of MSK (musculoskeletal) pathways and services
  • Other areas of the Planned Care portfolio
  • Temporary Staffing Programme
  • Sharing and spreading the learning of South East wide Mental Health provider collaboration

As the Provider Collaborative continues to develop, new opportunities will be considered for adding to the portfolio, working in partnership with Places and the ICB to ensure we collectively deliver our shared system ambitions.