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How we use your information

We use the information that you provide together with information by health and social care providers locally to:

  1. Ensure that your care is as consistent as possible with your needs, preferences and circumstances; and
  2. Plan, monitor and adapt the health and care services we provide to you.

The privacy arrangements for the Connected Care Personal Health Record service are considered satisfactory as:

  1. Access for professionals to view data is managed in accordance with carefully designed RBAC (Role Based Access Control) arrangements;
  2. Connected Care includes an audit trail showing which professional users have accessed your records;
  3. The Connected Care data is stored in a data repository housed in a fully accredited and secure Microsoft Azure data centre/. Key security aspects include:
    1. the physical security of the system servers
    2. multi-factor authentication for user access to the system; and
  4. The common law duty of confidentiality is maintained in respect of the data you provide using the Connected Care Personal Health Record service because you will have been presented with this privacy notice on registration and continued with the registration process.