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COVID Oximetry @home / virtual ward

Your clinician has enrolled you to the virtual ward, provided you with a pulse oximeter and instructions to record and monitor your readings and symptoms.

We are offering a digital option as an alternative to keeping a paper record:

The Connected Care PHR App (Personal Health Record App).

The Care@Home section in the App is where you can record your readings and symptoms.

The App also provides:

  • Immediate advice on next steps, every time you submit your readings and symptoms.
  • Your clinician sight of your latest entries.

Our privacy policy explains how we capture, manage and use your data, and it contains advice on how you can keep your data private. Click here for further information. 

The Connected Care PHR App is designed to help you better manage your own health and care.

How to set up and use the App

The video below offers a step-by-step guide to getting set up and using the App:

A document version of the video is available.

To jump to a step in the video, use the links below:

How to set up:

How to use:

Top Tips:

App Download

The App is currently available on smartphones (both iOS & Android) and can be downloaded directly from the App Store and Google Play using the buttons below, or by accessing them on your phone.

In the event that the buttons do not take you to the App directly, search for ‘phr connected care’.

Verification - Prove it’s you

The initial set up of the App requires you to confirm who you are, using either a social (email) account login or an existing NHS login Account.

So before opening the App, you need to have the following information ready:

For Social Account:

  • an Apple, Google or Microsoft email account and password
  • a 5-digit verification code (texted to you by your clinician)
  • your date of birth and postcode


For NHS login Account:

  • the email address you used to set this up and your password.

If you do not already have an NHS login Account and wish to set one up, you can use the step-by-step guidance and video provided here:

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • Can I have a reminder about how the virtual ward works?
    Please refer to the information leaflet provided by your clinician.

  • I don't have my 5-digit code yet. What do I do?
    Your clinician will generate a code when they enrol you onto the virtual ward. You should receive this shortly. Please check your text messages. If you do not, please follow the instructions on your leaflet to contact the relevant person.

  • Where will my text message come from?
    The text message will come from a ‘PortReg’ (portal registration) account.

  • I have completed my NHS login registration process, but my NHS login and password are not working. What do I do?
    It can take 24-48 hours to receive your login. Please try again later.

  • What can I do if my App is not working, or I have decided not to use it?
    If you have problems accessing the App or decide not to use it we recommend that you keep a paper copy of your readings and symptoms.
  • I have received an error message and I am not sure what I do next.
    • Try closing your app and re-opening it.
    • If you continue to experience errors, please hard close the app (by swiping up).

  • I've forgotten my passcode. What do I do?
    To reset your passcode, click on the “reset passcode” below where you enter your 4-digit passcode and you will be directed to the account you used to set up the App originally (e.g. Apple ID/ Google account/ Microsoft account).  You will not need to re-link or use your verification code again. NOTE: A passcode is not required for NHS login.

  • When entering my Date of Birth (DOB) and postcode I get the message 'match failed'.
    This means the DOB and postcode you have entered do not match those in your shared care record.  Please try again and enter details you think will be in your record (for example if you have recently moved house try your previous postcode) NOTE: It is advisable to update your GP with your correct DOB and postcode.

  • I keep being locked out of the app and have to re-enter my passcode. What do I do?
    Look at your phone settings and change the screen timeout or sleep setting.

  • Will I be reminded to enter my readings?
    No, you will need to go into the app 3 times a day, when you are in the app it suggests the next time for you to go in to add your next set of readings.


General phone advice

For general advice or issues relating to the use of your phone, please refer to the troubleshooting pages on your phone.