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Panel's views & experiences of volunteering

This survey was live between 5th and 23rd March before the COVID-19 outbreak in the UK.

The survey consisted of 12 questions, covering various aspects of the panel’s views and experiences on volunteering. From the results of the survey we have been able to see that at the time of taking the survey 80% of those polled stated that their health and wellbeing was excellent, very good or good.

We were also able to see from the results that 63% of participants either were currently volunteering, have previously volunteered but have now stopped or would consider volunteering in the future.

We saw from the responses that a large number of people stopped volunteering when they went into full time employment. Other factors for stopping volunteering included, moving out of the area, too much workload put on the volunteers and also a decline in the health of those who volunteered.

We wanted to know at what stage in the panel members life they may volunteer, we had a large number of people state that they would consider volunteering when they were in retirement, this was followed by whilst in employment and also when looking for employment.

We also asked the panel what their definition of volunteering was, we had over 83% of panel who responded give a definition, and answers included giving time up for no pay and helping someone who may need it.

The information provided to us from the survey will enable us to help form the strategic plans for the future and also give us an insight into the health and wellbeing of the local population going forward.

You can access the full survey report here.