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What the panel has told us

We had a great response to our first survey, with 449 people taking part and giving us valuable insight into the population in the local area.

The survey consisted of 12 questions, covering various aspects of the panel’s health and wellbeing. From the results of the survey we have been able to see that at the time of taking the survey 75% of those polled stated that their health and wellbeing was excellent, very good or good.

We were also able to see from the results that a high number of participants know what service is most appropriate to use, where to go to find information or to contact and access the service they need.

We saw from the responses that a large number of people are using digital technology to find helpful information on their health and wellbeing. However, only half of the panel use digital services such as the internet, apps or email to make contact with the services that are needed.

We wanted to know what the panel members could do themselves to help them and their families to live a healthier life. We had over 190 people answer this question and the top responses related to diet and exercise. We also had a large number of people who stated that there was nothing they could do or nothing more that they felt they could do to lead a healthier life.

We also asked the panel questions on their wellbeing and what activities they participated in on an average week. We had a high number of respondents using home entertainment, listening to music and also spending time outside in the natural world.

The information provided to us from the survey will enable us to help form the strategic plans for the future and also give us an insight into the health and wellbeing of the local population going forward.

You can access the full survey report here.