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Army Welfare Field to Plate

Field to Plate is a healthy eating initiative that aims to inform and educate young people in a fun and creative way using cooking as a tool to address subjects such as obesity, diabetes, social isolation and loneliness - improving young people’s mental health and wellbeing in a creative and inspiring way learning as they grow, plan, prepare, cook and enjoy food in a social setting.

The project is unique and aimed at military and civilian young people age 8-18yrs who are based across Aldershot, Sandhurst, Church Crookham, and Minley Bks. It will be delivered by professionally qualified Youth and Community Workers and Ghurkha Support Workers from the Army welfare Services. The project will put the young people at the centre of the decision making process around this project and empowering them to take ownership. 

A recent survey within the military communities spoke to young people who identified significant changes in their diet. More unhealthy snacks and a reduction in exercise had led to weight gain, feeling unfit and less interest in personal appearance.

We would love your input to help us reach the young people who could most benefit from this project. There is also capacity for the young people to provide 12 community enterprise events through the life of the project. These could be a charity events, an afternoon tea, soup and sandwich lunch, or a bake sale. If you have any ideas to this element of the project or would like to become more involved we would love to hear from you.

Ultimately we hope to support young people to grow in confidence, to learn to understand food and enjoying cooking and to share their ideas and passions with family, friends and the local community.