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Crossroads Care Surrey

Cross roads Care – Outreach, befriending and digital support

Crossroads Care Surrey reaches out to support unpaid carers, and in 2020 alone we provided over 2,100 carers living across Surrey the opportunity to take a break while receiving direct care and support for their loved ones.

Despite the Covid pandemic, we continued to support carers by taking the time to hear their stories about the impact of Covid on their lives and the increased pressures that it put on their caring role. One of the most important things for carers looking after a loved-one is that they feel supported by their wider community. As a direct response, our Community Outreach project was developed - bringing the support that was needed to help carers manage through and beyond the pandemic. Since the initial lockdown, we have provided over 125 people with more than 1,000 outreach shopping, prescription collections and / or befriending support calls, all of which have helped carers to feel less isolated and alone, and more connected with their community.

Over 70% of carers that we support are over the age of 61, and many have their own health conditions to manage while caring for their spouse, partner or friend. They increasingly find themselves housebound with fewer opportunities to meet up and take part in their local community. Therefore, by providing practical and emotional support from volunteers, we are helping to bring the community closer to carers and introducing them to new digital ways through which they can interact.  Through our befriending project we hope to bring new digital experiences and opportunities to carers by building their digital awareness and skills.

We would like to see our project develop so that as more carers benefit from support from our volunteers, some may decide that they too can take part in facilitating project activities - for example using our platforms to host virtual support groups for other carers.

We are aware of the diverse range of communities that live in Surrey and with caring for a friend or family member being an experience that impacts on everyone, irrespective of their ethnicity, sexuality, or age, we want to ensure the diversity and inclusivity of the project by connecting with other charities that may be able to help us to reach out to groups of residents that are in the minority. We welcome the opportunity to build our contacts across the borough and connect with others to widen the scope and reach of these activities.

To learn more about the services we offer visit our website or view our video