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Farnham Town Running Club


Have you ever thought of doing the couch to 5k but just didn’t have the motivation or confidence to make a start on your own? Perhaps you are sure running isn’t for you but you may be wrong, you’re not alone and we want to help.

Farnham Town Running Club is a new England Athletics affiliated running club, established in September-2020, created with the objective of providing an active, inclusive, non-elitist, diverse club focussed on running for all abilities. Set up during a pandemic many people would consider this the “wrong time” to embark on such a project, but with a committed team we now have over 70 members and expect once lockdown lifts this number will rapidly increase.

We are based in Farnham but serve a much broader area with members from Fleet, Aldershot, Cove, Ash, Bordon and beyond. We are sociable, welcoming, and friendly and are committed to self-improvement, helping the development of others, and running our club professionally.

Farnham is an affluent town with pockets of significant net wealth, however, there are pockets within the wider Farnham area (including the locality) where there is much less wealth and areas of deprivation, poverty and lack of opportunity. Our aim through outreach, targeted marketing, local press & adverts, mailing, community group visits etc is to reach as many people as possible to encourage them to take up the Couch 2 5K supported running programme, put on by dedicated caring individuals and who can help people find a love of running and a community to share it with.

Part of the project will be for us to work with local GP surgeries and other professional agencies to identify potential participants from vulnerable communities and to urge them to consider making patient ‘exercise referrals’ to us.

Success will be not only be measured in numbers of participants and the number of those individuals who ultimately join our running club, but success will also include something far less tangible but ultimately more important i.e. how we have touched people’s lives and through the happiness and sense of achievement we have brought to that individual.

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