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Flourish Community Garden

Hosted by the Frimley Community Matters Group, we are in the early stages planning our project to set up a Community Garden within Frimley Lodge Park to be known as “Flourish”. 

The space/garden is already there (see photo below) but not being used currently. We feel this type of space is needed both for the Surrey Heath Borough community, and voluntary organisations especially coming through the Covid-19 pandemic. We hope it will help ease some of the mental health issues and isolation that have been exacerbated over the past year, as well as supporting our younger, older and more vulnerable residents to find enjoyment in an outdoor setting.

We have already made contact with a few different organisations one being “Surrey Heath Young Onset Dementia Service” to use the space in a way which suits their clients. We also hope that this can become a safe space for local residents.

We would love this to be the start of something bigger, that we could potentially have more gardening spaces out there for the community to be involved in.

We are so early on in our journey that we would love to link with organisations who have experience of running a community garden, with those who may like to use the space or those who could source/donate tools and equipment which members can use.