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Hart's Green Garden

Hart Voluntary Action is proposing to establish a partnership with the Fleet Primary Care Network (PCN) via the Social Prescribing Link Worker to engage their patients in ‘Minding the Garden’ with Hart's Green Garden Project.

The Minding the Garden Project will focus on bringing members of the local community together to get involved in communal horticultural activities and to enjoy the open space with others in a supportive environment.  The opportunity to be part of volunteer teams carrying out conservation sessions within the wider Country Park is also being explored.

The focus will be on reaching out to people who are socially isolated, or who have ongoing health conditions/disabilities, or who are at risk of homelessness, as well as those who would like to be involved as general volunteers.   Working with Fleet PCN, Hart Voluntary Action would create a specific horticultural and therapeutic session or sessions for their patients signposted/referred through the Social Prescribing Link Worker.

An idea of what our garden may look like

Although Community Gardens are not a new idea there is no other community garden project, nor is there any outdoor therapeutic activity which is open to all to access in Hart. During the pandemic, access to outdoor space has been particularly valued by many people.  A residents’ survey carried out by Hart District Council showed that many local residents had made more use of local green spaces than usual to help with their wellbeing.  Our previous experience with the Minding the Garden project 9which was originally set up to reach adults with mental health issues) was that we also received requests to join from adults with mild to moderate learning disabilities/difficulties or other health conditions including dementia and brain injury.  We also found that many volunteer helpers were motivated to join because they too wanted to feel more socially connected and to take part in an activity which helped their own wellbeing. 

We hope this can become a long lasting project for all to enjoy. Hart's Green Garden is a flagship project for Hart District Council and Hart Voluntary Action is being offered access on a flexible lease basis of 10 years in the first instance at a peppercorn rent. 

We would love to make links with organisations and individuals, who would be interested in making use of the Community Garden for wellbeing activities or who have ideas for wellbeing activities and events that the garden could host.