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Hot Steppers School of Dance

Welcome to Hot Steppers School of Dance!

As a dance teacher for 15 years and Zumba Instructor for 9 years, I am a huge believer in sport (particularly dance fitness) helping to improve people’s health and wellbeing - not just by providing a way to increase fitness but by bringing people together as part of a community who share the same interests.

Who wouldn’t want to be part of a class with uplifting music to lighten the mood? I have had many student’s come through my doors who suffer from a lack of confidence or anxiety and dance is a fantastic way to boost serotonin levels, have fun and a laugh. Evidence shows dance and movement can support those suffering with depression, anxiety or those at risk of obesity.

My project idea is aimed at people in the Surrey Heath area, specifically Camberley on the Old Dean Estate and I would love to work with a number of organisations to develop my idea, ensuring that I am reaching those who could most benefit from dance and the community it offers.