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Intergenerational Music Programme

With our project we hope to use intergenerational music, rap, lyric-writing and storytelling to strengthen capacity for social connection, friendship and compassion whilst improving the emotional and mental wellbeing of both generations, the young & old.   

The rap therapy project will use intergenerational music and rap to support and inspire the younger generation, opening the door into communication, understanding, confidence and community. Through this innovative and experimental project it will empower older people in the community to share their story, culture and heritage with the younger generation - offering a platform where they will be heard and respected. The unique workshops will adopt lyric writing and rap to encourage the children to explore, compose and create, using these stories as an inspiration. From these intergenerational rapping workshops they will then create and compose their own unique performance/rap which will be performed and celebrated at the end of the end week project. The project will also draw on current societal issues , highlighting the power music and rap has in providing agency to difficult feelings and emotions. This project will be holistic, offering 1:1 mentorship to the pupils aged 13-18 years whilst also equipping them with their own unique and personal toolkit so they continue to use rap to support themselves.

Intergenerational Music Making (IMM) is one of the UK’s pioneers, delivering co-produced intergenerational music projects, training, consultancy, research, workshops and creative events within communities, health, education and social sectors. IMM bridge the gap between generations, tackling loneliness, isolation whilst creating stronger, artistically-driven intergenerational communities. Our projects bring together targeted groups, challenging hierarchy and creating spaces for new voices.

“The value of bringing generations together is two-ways..... this is a very exciting project because of the potential reach.” Baroness Diana Barran, Minister for Civil Society

It has been a hard year but, connecting with the children at the local school and hearing their music has given me hope. There is light at the end of the tunnel.” – Care home resident 

We would love for you to visit our website and view our video which shows COVID-19 didn't stop us from making music!