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Mustard Seed - Play Therapy

Mustard Seed – The Power of Play

Mustard Seed Autism Trust is a local charity working with families with autistic children. We provide professional support, therapy and training.

When working with families we sometimes signpost to private Play Therapists but this is often too costly for many families in our community and so our project – “The Power of Play” – would enable us to employ a qualified Play Therapist to provide specialist support to autistic children and young people with complex emotional and mental health difficulties.

The “Power of Play” project is the natural next step for our organisation, building on our current provision but why is this needed?

 For autistic young people the pandemic has added additional anxiety and stress around:

  • fears of getting ill (resulting in additional OCD behaviours)
  • changes in rules and guidance - unpredictability
  • difficulties doing school work at home (and keeping up with peers)
  • returning to potentially new teachers/rooms/peers/schools
  • changes in school routines as schools adapt to keep children and staff safe
  • a long period with a lack of social interaction (and the impact of this on return to school)
  • managing potential trauma/bereavement/safeguarding issues

Some children whose mental health has been adversely impacted by Covid19 have suffered debilitating anxiety and depression, self-harm, violent and suicidal behaviours. During Play Therapy a child can use toys and creative activities to express their emotions. Working at their own pace the child starts to make sense of their emotions or the situation they are struggling with. By being able to offer this service through our own charity it will enhance our service and be a life line to families and young people who perhaps wouldn’t be able to access this therapy otherwise.

As well as working more closely with local organisations who support young people and we would love to link with other organisations who are able to support those who are not digitally confident or who perhaps don’t have equipment to allow them to access on line resources.

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