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Rushmoor Healthy Living

Here at Rushmoor Healthy Living we are passionate about working with our beneficiaries to truly understand the barriers they face. We then provide support to empower them to address these barriers, help themselves and improve their quality of life.

One way that we have done this is through our exercise and rehabilitation classes which support those in their later years and with long term health conditions. That was until Covid restriction meant that these couldn’t continue in the same way.

Throughout the last year we have had almost 500 in-depth conversations to support our members. During these chats we identified key issues which were often mentioned:

  • Members had put on weight during lockdown and didn’t know how to reverse it
  • Members were struggling to motivate themselves to exercise.
  • Members were concerned about their weight/diet/mental well-being, etc but didn’t know how to address it and didn’t want to bother their GP as they felt they wouldn’t have time to help, particularly at the moment.
  • Members weren’t wanting to admit to others that they were struggling, they felt that everyone else was coping and so ‘why aren’t I?’
  • Members didn’t always have the knowledge/tools to know how to eat healthily and/or pre-plan meals to avoid unhealthy choices

In response to this we have applied for funding to bring together small groups of our existing members, working closely with them to help motivate, support and equip them to eat a healthier, diet and increase their physical activity levels with the aim of losing weight and improving physical health and mental wellbeing. In addition we would encourage and support relationships between group members in order to foster peer motivation, as well as to provide a long-lasting support mechanism to increase the likelihood of participants sustaining changes after the project ends.

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