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Citizens Advice Rushmoor

Supporting the Nepali community to access timely health care

Located in Rushmoor we have always strived to ensure that our advice and support can be accessed by all members of the community. Our wider “Overcoming Barriers” group, made up of a number of local partner organisations including the local Primary Care Networks meets regularly to develop ideas to support everyone in our local area.  The Overcoming Barriers group has resulted in overwhelmingly positive feedback, and has quickly become recognised as a valued resource.

Through the work of this group we would like to create a shared, open, electronic library of Nepali language resources for anyone to access and share.  The resources will focus on helping people to access the NHS service they need at the correct entry point. We want to overcome identified barriers to help Nepali people to access interpreter services on NHS 111 and similar, independently, without needing someone by their side for assistance.

To do this, we want to develop materials such screen recordings and videos in Nepali language, which will show how to choose the right options to access the interpreter service. This will work as a guideline for them to go through step by step independently, to obtain the right person to assist them with their health queries. This help will also assist with the sharing of critical information about the Covid vaccination programme and related issues, to encourage take up and control the virus. 

Our continuing service delivery and commitment to delivering services to the Nepali community will ensure the resources produced will be well used, both within Citizens Advice Rushmoor, and shared with our key partners.  Our work with the NHS, the Cambridge Practice and others in the Primary Care Network, will help ensure that it is tailored to future as well as current needs.  We are also working with Rushmoor Borough Council led initiatives to better reach local residents in Houses of Multiple Occupation (HMOs); feedback from this initiative will help inform how we move forward in other activities to reach vulnerable residents unable to access mainstream services. The resources that we develop will remain as a community asset which can be shared after the project ends.

As demonstrated above, we already work closely with other key stakeholders in the community but we are keen to work with other community groups so the resources we develop can be shared widely and adapted for different community groups.

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This project has also been made possible through the support of Hampshire County Council Public Health Team.