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Supporting young people and their families

Nicole and Headroom

In partnership with the local charity Headroom, I aim to develop a specialist counselling programme for young people (aged 11-18) with neurodiversity, trauma and PTSD. I will offer an innovative style of therapy that amalgamates my various trainings in yoga, counselling, therapeutic arts and play.

Headroom young people's charity

Headroom supports young people and their families in the Hart and Rushmoor area. Headroom have found through their work, that parents, often with learning difficulties themselves, have neither the understanding nor the capacity to appropriately support their children’s needs. Over 90% of referrals to Headroom have either diagnosed or undiagnosed global delay of some type. These families are at risk of finding themselves ‘stuck’ in chaotic, dysfunctional home environments that often breed domestic violence, school exclusions, anti-social behaviour and potentially family breakdown. Specialist teams, like Headroom’s can provide a greater understanding of what is needed in families where previous interventions may have failed. In addition lockdowns and school closures have been recognised as ‘a traumatic event’ by specialists at Trauma Informed Schools. They state there will be long-term physiological impacts as well as the development of mental-illnesses if the consequences of the pandemic are not addressed. This is where we think we can step in and provide support.

We believe that in partnership we can provide our local community with an innovative therapy that transforms the way we support, connect to, and inspire our young people. If we, at Headroom, can provide interventions that reach families who feel disengaged, misunderstood and unheard, we can help alleviate some of the pressures on our local services, and prevent further feelings of social exclusion for these families.

You can read more about the services that Headroom offer on their website

More about Nicole

I hope my passion for this work shines through. I'm a qualified yoga & meditation teacher, wellbeing practitioner, recovery coach, and an adolescent counsellor trainee. I work with all ages and specialise in neurodiversity, chronic illness, mental health, and trauma. I'm passionate about helping people discover the power of their minds through an innovative combination of psychology, coaching, yoga and counselling. I feel this is an exciting time for mental health interventions; if not rather daunting due to the overwhelming need. I feel encouraged that there are opportunities out there that will support organisations and partnerships like ours in providing the connection really needed by these young people and their families. I hope that you will be interested in developing this opportunity alongside us.

You can find out more about me by visiting my Facebook page