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The Source Young People's Charity Transforming Lives

Mentoring through Sport - Basketball

The Source supports and empowers Young People aged 14-25 living in Aldershot and the neighbouring towns to transform their live through face to face, over the telephone and online Personalised Programmes of 1-1 and group support.  Our Personalised Programme focuses on building: self-esteem, emotional intelligence and resilience.  

Our innovative new project is the first of its kind between ourselves and the Army Welfare Service - Aldershot. The Army Welfare Service support, advise and encourage Army personnel to manage their problems more effectively.  They deal with a variety of issues ranging from relationship problems, substance abuse and mental health concerns to problems arising from deployment and disability.

This one-year pilot will focus on the area of Church Crookham, in particular the Quetta Park (Army family housing) area, working with young people from Army families and other young people from the community.

The effects of COVID-19 have been profound on this group with negative impacts on their mental and physical health as well as an increase in drug and alcohol use. This project aims to meet these young people where they are, engaging with them in their own environment and applying early intervention through a Basketball Outreach Project.

The project will help empower young people to build their integration, personal/social skills, and help them re-engage in community-based activities after COVID-19 lockdown. 

Each basketball session will be structured in 3 elements:

  1. Start with a short therapeutic element; such as team work. This will then be brought to the attention of the young people in the game itself, for example by highlighting good and bad examples of teamwork.
  2. This will take place during basketball skills development whilst playing the game itself.
  3. There will then be a short period of reflection at the end of the session, to review lessons learnt and ways it was implemented.

This joint outreach into the community aims to inspire hope and aspiration in young people to overcome the keys challenges in their lives and we would enjoy you being part of our journey.

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