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VoxSkool Community

Singing for Health and Wellbeing

We would like to bring local communities together through music and singing, to contribute to improving their health and well-being through growing our VoxSkool Community social singing groups.  

VoxSkool welcomes family, friends and anyone wishing to sing their heart out and have fun. Members do not need to be able to sing or read music as each group has a singing leader to inspire and bring the best out in them.

We know that the impact of the pandemic and its associated restrictions is having a significant impact on people’s mental health at the moment and that many more people need extra support. In addition, we know that unemployment rates are rising and that many furloughed workers have been receiving less income than usual. If we can make even a small difference to people’s lives through a weekly interaction by attending our singing groups, either in person or online, we will know we have a successful project.

By offering both face to face and online opportunities we hope to give people choice that suits their circumstances and confidence levels. New Members might include: single parents, new mums, the elderly (those living alone and those in care homes), people whose first language is not English, carers and also those who are recovering from ‘Long Covid’, to help in their recovery.

We would love to connect with local people and organisations who can help support us with this project.