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Parenting Support Sessions

Achieving for Children works across Windsor and Maidenhead providing children’s services. Our mission is to provide children and their families with the support and services they need to live happy, healthy and successful lives. We strive to achieve excellence in everything we do by putting children and young people first in the design, delivery and evaluation of every service we provide.

We applied to the Innovation Fund to allow us to protect the effectiveness of our emotional support groups for parents which helps them manage stress and anxiety, promotes their well-being and enables them to cope better with parenting their children and managing their daily lives.

Many of the parents referred to the Early Help Service and Social Care are experiencing stress and anxiety and there has been an increase in referrals related to mental health, well-being and domestic abuse following the national lockdowns due to the Covid19 pandemic. We also know parents who have had to cope with additional stressful circumstances, such as having children with additional needs, domestic abuse and relationship breakdowns would particularly benefit from an emotional support group.

Our sessions include small group work, group discussion and some exercises for parents to complete at home. They look at how anxiety and stress impacts on individuals physically, their thoughts and behaviour and provides strategies to manage stress and anxiety. We look at the difference between stress and anxiety the effect on self-esteem, how to better communicate and set goals.

Alongside the benefits above, the sessions can reduce isolation and loneliness, giving parents the opportunity to meet others and build up a support network. We hope we can help parents’ model healthy, helpful coping mechanisms in relation to stress and anxiety; that will impact and influence how their children learn to manage emotions and behaviours in relation to stress and anxiety.

The packs of information we use, that are central to our programme, come from a company who has now ceased to exist. The monies from the Innovation Fund will help us to produce these vital materials in house and continue to offer them to parents for no cost. In addition we want to make these courses as accessible as possible and will use funding to offer a crèche and transportation.

It is really important to us that this course is delivered face to face and we have worked hard to ensure we have a large enough venue which is covid safe to be able to do this. Part of the funding will help us to secure this venue going forward.

We will also be looking at how we can grow possibly through running an evening or Saturday morning group, with fathers in mind, allowing us to accommodate those who work full time but who would benefit from the programme.

You can read more about our services HERE