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Supporting families through boxing

The Britwell Youth and Community Project (BYCP) has worked within the Britwell ward of Slough since 1959 and is the only youth provision in the area. The project provides a range of leisurely activities for young people afterschool and during the school holiday period in order to develop their physical, mental and spiritual capacities so that they may grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society.

We applied to the Innovation Fund in order to run weekly boxing sessions over the course of a year for local young people. Based in the Britwell area of Slough, the activity will cater to young people who attend the club ages 8+ regardless of ethnicity, sexual orientation etc. On the estate, there is a higher substance misuse than the national average, poor fitness, higher obesity levels, poor educational achievement and it is also considered a hotspot for gang culture. A new activity will encourage young people to keep physically active, boost their confidence/self-esteem, teach discipline and give them the opportunity to try out something they normally would not be able to because of financial costs. With the option of both male/female coach, engaging in this activity will also breakdown any stereotypes that this sport is for everyone male/female despite being a male dominated sport.

Alongside the boxing coach, our Sports Development Youth Worker will join in on the sessions to support the young people. He will have the opportunity to learn first-hand from the boxing coach having the opportunity to upskill themselves.

The sessions will be for young people ages 8+ who will gain these new skills, but it will also be for parents who will not have the financial stress to sign up their children to an extra-curricular activity. The wider community will also benefit as there will be less young people congregating at the local shops and intimidating residents as they will be engaged in an active activity and in turn stay on at the BYCP for potentially the full three hour session to engage in a wide range of activities including lyric writing, games, arts and crafts, other sports activities etc.

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