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Create Hope - Therapeutic Services for Families

Create Hope is based in Bracknell Forest and offers emotional support to children, young people and families.  It was created by myself, Catherine Hockley, CEO – when I witnessed a greater need for therapeutic services in Berkshire through my direct work with families, schools, voluntary and statutory services.

We support families impacted by different environmental issues such as domestic abuse, family separation, bereavement, bullying etc offering therapeutic services, which include play therapy, family support, and therapy for parents delivered at our centre in Bracknell Forest and through work with local schools. We have identified the importance of working with the whole family and try to make that the case with all we do.

I applied to the Innovation Fund to pilot a series of therapeutic family fun days. Since COVID we have received more referrals for emotional support directly from families in the local area. Many of the issues are environmental and have therefore impacted all members of the family unit and while we currently offer longer-term therapeutic work, it has been recognised that there is a need for families to come together and develop their emotional resilience as a whole unit.

My hope is that the pilot family therapeutic days will allow families in Bracknell forest, who have some emotional need, to focus together on building connection, giving them the opportunity to work through different creative team building experiences and creative therapeutic activities throughout the day - with the hope that a supportive community will grow and develop also.

The family fund days will offer a safe space to strengthen and develop relationships within the family unit and outside of them, with the opportunity to chat through the challenges of everyday life with the Create Hope staff and receive additional therapeutic support where relevant.

The days will run during the school holidays of Easter and summer 2022 and will be tailored by age, encouraging all family members to join including grandparents, foster carers, or other relatives who form part of the family unit.

If you would like to learn more about Create Hope and the services we offer please visit our website by clicking HERE.