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Supporting Neurodiverse young people through our new Kimel Café

We support neurodiverse young people, particularly those diagnosed with autism, aged between 17yrs – 26yrs who are Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET) and support them into employment, identify further educational needs or source meaningful volunteering opportunities.

We think our support is more successful than other provisions because we are run by autistic people with personal experience and we ask the young people what they actually want.

We focus on educating the young people about the positives of their condition whereas previously they may have only been aware of the negatives. This has gratifyingly provoked many “light-bulb moments” validating our approach.

We firmly believe that collaboration and cooperation is the way forward and we do not like to re-invent the wheel or tread on others’ toes.

Those suitable, we place on our 12 week employability and personal development programme which has been a great success with 71% of the first cohort getting a job.

This programme covers:

1.   Laying the Groundwork for Employment

2.   Health, self-awareness and communication

3.   Executive Functioning, Emotional Regulation and Sensory needs

4.   Relationships, boundaries and communication

5.   Independence, responsibility and creativity

6.   Neurodiversity and work

This course currently covers Wokingham and we applied to the Innovation Fund to allow us to expand into East Berkshire, offering the same support to young people across the area and to support the opening of our Kimel Café, . This funding allows us to extend this course to those who are not council funded and who cannot fund the course personally.

We keep our numbers small but the impact to those individuals, their family and to society as a whole is huge.

We hope that you will support us and follow our journey at