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Creating a support through mentoring

We are Mad Millennials Mentors (MMM). Created and run by millennials – a generalised generational designation referring to people born c1982-1998 - we offer peer support groups.  

Nationally, there are 12 peer support groups helping young people all over the country and MMM has been running in Berkshire since 2019 - covering Slough, Bracknell Forest, Windsor, and Maidenhead, though we accept attendees from across all of Berkshire.  

Studies have shown that UK millennials are amongst the most isolated demographic and are lonelier than ever before, a situation only exacerbated since the Covid-19 pandemic (MHF, 2020). Millennials face increasingly pervasive internal and external worries and pressures. In an ever more volatile world, issues of self-acceptance and self-esteem, relationship and financial pressures (to name a few) take a toll on the mental health of a generation. 

MMM provides an accessible service by and for millennials experiencing mental health challenges, emotional difficulties and societal pressures by creating safe, local spaces for expression and support. MMM sessions are open to anyone sharing similar generational worries and we provide attendees with a comfortable environment in which to proactively manage their mental health and wellbeing and communicate their difficulties in a safe community setting, with people that understand their troubles and experiences.  

We applied to the Innovation Fund to help us to ‘level up’ the Berkshire group against others across the country. We recognise that communities last much longer than projects do and we hope that by facilitating a strong community bond between the attendees of MMM sessions and events in Berkshire, as well as integration with local formal and informal care systems, that a community can develop and that the care and support will continue to be shared amongst young people living in the Berkshire area. 

The MMM mentors scheme focuses primarily on mental wellbeing, but due to our generational focus we can help younger people who may be feeling anxious or having difficulty managing change, those who have families of their own and individuals who may be feeling socially isolated, by offering them no-pressure, community support based on compassion, inclusion, and non-judgement. We are hugely committed to engaging with those from different backgrounds who may feel excluded or discriminated upon. 

Our unique approach to mental wellbeing support means our themes cut across many Frimley Clinical Commissioning Group priority areas, namely loneliness and social isolation, anxiety and managing change/transition as well as providing families/parents/carer support. 

We aim to get started straight away and have designated November a focus on loneliness as our theme of the month - in response to the ‘epidemic’ plaguing young people everywhere before and after COVID.  

We know it is impossible to cover every issue of concern with any degree of depth, therefore our MMM mentors are provided with clear signposting resources for issues of concern out of their depth. Our mentors are mental health first aid trained (MHFA), safeguard trained and following an MMM comprehensive training programme. They are also provided with a resource pack that includes principles similar to the five ways of wellbeing to help facilitate their discussions and encourage attendees to explore each month’s theme. We hope you will support us by spreading our message and raising awareness of the support we can offer.