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Creating a new wild flower area within school

We are a group of young people who are really passionate about having a say when it comes to the local environment. We are based in the SL6 area of Berkshire and our focus is to support the other local wildlife groups. The group originated from a lack of representation of young people in the area getting involved in wildlife groups, probably due to the fact that the average age of volunteers in these groups is 30+. We know that there are many young people in the surrounding area who share a passion for environmental protection and education, so we thought that the best way to encourage their involvement would be to create a group aimed at them! We hope to give young people opportunities to volunteer with local environmental and ecological projects and you can find out more about these on our facebook group HERE

In 2020 we approached Furze Platt Senior School to plant a wildflower area. Since then, recognising the impact of Covid19 on young people and the wellbeing benefits of being outside that we have experienced ourselves, this seed of an idea has scaled up to become a new environmental and wellbeing project, for students outside of the school curriculum.

The project, designed by young people based on their experiences of life during lockdown, will see a team of young people: - Plant and maintain a new wildflower area on a bare site on the school grounds, learning about nature, working as a team, being physically active and giving back to their school. This project is a way for young people to take action together and feel empowered, reducing anxiety and improving wellbeing through engaging with nature, making changes that can have lasting impact. The workshops will be free and open to all. We will engage with up to 60 students with workshops and all 1,400 pupils and their families will indirectly benefit from a more biodiverse school site and improved wellbeing through increased opportunities for engagement with nature.

The school’s long term aim is to eventually create a new reflection garden, a tranquil place for students to spend time; highlighted as important by those Page 1 of 8 struggling with the impact of Covid19, and our wildflower project will kick start this new development. - Participate in workshops (up to 60 students) plus opportunities for 1,400 Furze Platt students and families to connect with each other and with nature. - Drive a legacy to improve their own relationship with nature, enabling life-long opportunities for wellbeing. - Share project learning with other organisations so more young people can benefit in future Our project was planned for September 2021, but we have moved to Spring 2022 due to the impact of Covid19 and because the increase in scope requires more planning, consultation and engagement.