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Volunteering opportunities

There are currently three programmes running across the system and you can join the relevant one to where you live.

Community Amabassadors- North East Hampshire and Farnham
The Community Ambassador Programme began because our organisation wanted to find out from a broad range of people what works and what doesn’t when we discuss your local NHS services.  

We find people who choose to join our volunteer bank have a passion to improve health care in their local area.  They are community-minded people or representatives of voluntary groups supporting the community.  Some may have had a particular experience or be living with long-term conditions, yet you don’t need any specific experience for this role. All we ask is that you live in or represent at least one of the five towns within our boundaries.  These are: Aldershot, Farnham, Farnborough, Fleet and Yateley.

Over the last 18 months the Community Ambassador Programme has evolved greatly and the volunteers within it are now a key part of our organisation, assisting in every aspect of the planning and reviewing.  This could be by having a visible presence at a train station or shopping centre, it may be by drawing on their own experiences to help plan or improve services or it could be by helping us with arranging and holding an event.  This is not a traditional volunteering role and the opportunities are varied.  We want you to be able to fit tasks around your existing commitments and adapt them to fit your lifestyle; it’s why we run a bank of volunteers, so you can dip in and out as your interests and commitments dictate.  There is no minimum commitment required and if your availability or circumstances change just let us know.

If you want to register your interest to find out more about the role, you can find a form here.

Community Representatives - Surrey Heath
Community Representatives help to shape NHS & Adult Social Care services in Surrey Heath, making sure that Surrey Heath CCG and the Adult Social Care Services of Surrey County Council engages and listens to the views of local people in order to provide services that truly reflects what the local population want and need.

Community Representatives are full members of the Public Engagement Group, ensuring that Surrey Heath CCG and the Adult Social Care services of Surrey County Council takes on board and implements the views of the Surrey Heath community.

Community Representatives attend Public Engagement Group meetings every quarter for around two hours and Public Meetings every quarter also for around two hours.

HealthMakers - East Berkshire

The role of a ‘HealthMaker’ is to create strong communities and through their own experience helping patients with the self-management of their long term conditions, initially in groups. They do not replace doctors or nurses, but complement them.

HealthMakers is a group of volunteers with long term health conditions. HealthMakers:
  • Offer peer support to teach others how to manage their long term health conditions
  • Deliver training to help others become HealthMakers and make a difference
  • Act as Patient Partners who work closely with local health services to improve patient care and quality of life

Following the success of this pilot, the CCG launched a procurement exercise in February 2016 and Berkshire Healthcare Foundation Trust (BHFT) now host the HealthMakers programme.

Facilitators have been trained on delivering self-management courses and these continue to be a great success with the patients who attend. The HealthMaker Patient Partners provide strategic patient involvement on the boards or committees for Better Futures , Self Care & Prevention , IAPT for LTC’s and Early Implementers pilot .

Due to these successes the “Prevention Workstream” of the Frimley Health and Care includes HealthMakers programme which is about to be rolled out across East Berkshire CCG.
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