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What does working as a system mean for you and your family?

Connecting services together - Currently more people are admitted to hospital than necessary, who then stay in hospital longer than they need to, because not enough services are provided in the community. Connecting local care and voluntary services together helps keep people healthy and supported at home for longer.

People may receive care in their own home or the town where they live, rather than having to travel to their GP surgery or a larger hospital. Patients may be treated by a physiotherapist, a counsellor, a paramedic or any of a wide range of appropriate professionals. Different organisations working together means people get the right care more quickly and easily.

We’re supporting people to stay well - Linking people to activities in their community that will help their wellbeing; using pharmacies to help people self-care; providing people with ways to help them live well with mental illness and long term conditions.

We’re enhancing local care teams – GPs are working with other care providers and sharing skills and resources, ensuring people only need to tell their story once. We’re extending access to same-day care in the community; identifying those at most risk and giving direct support. Helping people across all aspects of their well-being, not just their health issues.

We’re improving local access to the right expertise and care – We want patients with complex needs to have better access to specialists located at community facilities delivering high quality local care, freeing up on our hospitals for those who really need them.

We’re creating local community services - Helping people avoid going to hospital unnecessarily; exploring new ways to treat people with minor injuries out of hospital, and identifying people already in hospital who can be safely discharged.

We’ve created a shared care record – Ensuring that wherever a person is seen, different health and care professionals can access their clinical information to provide continuous support in managing their health.