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Briefing update: Covid-19 vaccination programme

The NHS vaccination programme continues to make strong progress, with May being the highest month on record, of vaccination doses administered. Thanks to the thousands of people involved, the NHS is now offering vaccines to everyone aged 30 and over as well as millions of health and social care workers, unpaid carers and people at higher clinical risk. We are still on course to offer all adults a first dose by the end of July.

Progress to date:

  • Number of doses given since the programme started in December 2020, across the Frimley Health and Care Integrated Care System (ICS) – more than 712,000!
  • In May, across the country, first and second doses totalled: 13.5 million. This is 12,500 jabs every hour!

The latest vaccination figures are updated daily at the NHS England website.

The JCVI has advised a preference for adults under the age of 39 without underlying health conditions to receive an alternative to the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine, only if this does not cause substantial delays in being vaccinated. For this age group, as well as pregnant women, the national booking system only offers appointments for the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine. If you would like an appointment closer to home, please wait to be contacted by your local GP surgery.

Millions of people are now benefiting from protection from the virus and this has contributed to dramatic falls in infections, hospitalisations and deaths. Remember, you can still can get Covid-19 even after being vaccinated but you’re much less likely to get seriously unwell or to be hospitalised if you have had the jab, and two doses offers you the maximum protection.

22 million people have now received a second dose. So if you receive an invitation, whether for your first or second dose, please do act on it as soon as possible.

Latest news:

A recent study from PHE found that vaccine effectiveness against the Delta (B.1.617.2) variant first identified in India, is similar after 2 doses when compared to the Alpha (B.1.1.7) variant first identified in Kent. 

The MHRA announced on 28 May that the COVID-19 Vaccine Janssen meets the expected standards of safety, quality and effectiveness. The independent Commission on Human Medicines (CHM) has endorsed the MHRA’s decision. Earlier this year, the single-dose vaccine was shown to be 67% effective overall in preventing COVID-19 infection and 85% effective in preventing severe disease or hospitalisation. 20 million doses of the vaccine have been secured for the UK and first deliveries are expected to arrive later this year. The JCVI will provide updated advice for the vaccine before doses become available.

NHS staff are still having to work hard to deliver the largest vaccination drive in our history, at the same time as providing care for everyone who needs it.

So we need the public to continue to play their part too:

  • unless you have been invited before, please don’t contact the NHS to book a vaccine, we will contact you when it is the right time
  • please attend your booked appointments at exactly the time you’re asked to, and make sure you come back for your second dose
  • and whether you have had your vaccine or not, please continue to follow all the guidance in place to control the virus and save lives

Information materials

To view the latest patient information materials, including translated and interpreted videos using British Sign Language, please click here.

Important message for you to please share

  1. You’re much less likely to get serious Covid-19 or to be hospitalised if you’ve been vaccinated, and two doses offers you the maximum protection.
  2. Two doses of Covid vaccination is the best way to protect you and your loved ones. As you’re out and about and mixing more in the sunshine, make sure you take time to get vaccinated.
  3. If you’re 30 and over you can get your vaccine now. You can either book online, by calling 119, or wait for your local GP surgery to contact you.
  4. Millions of people are now benefiting from protection from the virus and this has contributed to dramatic falls in infections, hospitalisations and deaths. At the same time, it is important to know where to go when you are feeling unwell. If you are looking for information for an adult, who is feeling unwell, please click here
  5. For children, The Healthier Together website provides information to help recognise what might be wrong, where to seek help if required, what you should do to keep your child comfortable and how long your child's symptoms may last.

Keep abreast of vaccination updates

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