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Vaccination sites

If you are booking via the national booking system here, you will be able to book a vaccination slot at number of sites including

  1. Salt Hill Vaccination Centre
  2. Church Crookham Pharmacy

Below is the list of vaccination sites run by Primary Care Networks (PCNs) currently available  

  1. Desborough Suite, Maidenhead
  2. Windsor Yards, former Lakeland Unit, Windsor Town Centre
  3. Langley
  4. Salt Hill Local vaccination service
  5. Waitrose Sports Hall, Bracknell
  6. Birch Hill, Bracknell
  7. Princes Hall, Aldershot
  8. Southwood, Farnborough
  9. Farnham
  10. Monteagle,Yateley
  11. Lakeside Country Cub
  12. The Harlington, Fleet