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Primary Care Networks

GP services across Frimley Health and Care have formed local ‘Primary Care Networks’ to improve the services they provide to their patients.

The networks, or PCNs, were established across the Integrated Care System on July 1, 2019. 

Primary Care Networks will support groups of practices to come together locally, in partnership with community services, social care and other providers of health and care services.

There are 15 Primary Care Networks across Frimley Health and Care. See the map of network areas and member practices here, and click on the tabs below for more information.

These networks will offer care on a scale which is small enough for patients to get the continuous and personalised care they value, but large enough – in their partnership with others in the local health and care system – to be resilient.

In their first year, Primary Care Networks will focus on establishing their foundations, including developing a wider set of roles to support care needs and closer working with other local partners.

To view all of the networks across Frimley Health and Care in more detail including names, sizes and practices see our Primary Care Network map.

For more information regarding Primary Care Networks, please see the NHS England site here.

Clinical Director: Dr Prash Patel

Practice Patient population
Green Meadows Surgery 10,034
Magnolia House Surgery 9,147
Kings Corner Surgery 7,659
Radnor House Surgery and Ascot M.C 5,260
  Total: 32,100

Clinical Director: Dr Rohail Malik

Practice Patient population
Forest Health Group 19,980
The Waterfield Practice 13,320
Binfield Surgery 11,431
The Gainsborough Practice 9,807

Easthampstead Surgery

Great Hollands Practice 4,133
The Sandhurst Group Practice 19,701
  Total: 83,732

Clinical Director: Dr Farhad Daruwalla & Dr Ivan Aloysius

Practice Patient population
Evergreen Practice 4,733
Ringmead Medical Practice 16,075
Heath Hill Surgery 6,498
Crownwood Medical Centre 5,359
  Total: 32,665

Clinical Director: Dr Asif Ali

Practice Patient population
Dr Nabi 5,495
Langley Health Centre 19,445
The Orchard Surgery 9,016
The Chapel Medical Centre 8,339
  Total: 42,295

Clinical Director: Dr Bharan Kumar

Practice Patient population
Bharani Medical Centre 13,022
The Village Medical Centre 11,867
Ragstone Road Surgery 3,510
  Total: 28,399

Clinical Director: Dr Nithya Nanda

Practice Patient population
Kumar Medical Centre 4,918
Farnham Road Practice 26,171
The Avenue Medical Centre 7,419
242 Wexham Road Surgery 4,342
  Total 42,850

Clinical Director: Dr Raj Bhargava

Practice Patient population
Herschel Medical Centre 14,988
Shreeji Medical Centre 6,174
Manor Park Medical Centre 10,602
240 Wexham Road 5,644
Crosby House Surgery 11,824
  Total: 49,232


Clinical Director: Dr Amandeep Dosanjh

Practice Patient population
Linden Medical Centre 10,064
Woodlands Park Surgery 3,283
Ross Road Medical Centre 3,200
Cordwallis Road Surgery 3,631
Redwood House Surgery 6,470
Claremont / Holyport Surgery 19,020
The Cedars Surgery 10,773
Cookham Medical Centre 7,761
Rosemead Surgery 7,001
  Total: 71,203
Symons Medical Centre 12,008

Clinical Director: Dr Edward Harrison & Dr Sufian Jabbar

Practice Patient population
Clarence Medical Centre 15,834
South Meadow Surgery 14,056
Lee House Surgery 6,971
Runnymede Medical Centre 12,339
Datchet Health Centre 10,275
Sheet Street Surgery 10,241
  Total 69,716

Clinical Director: Dr Louise Payne

Practice Patient population
The Cambridge Practice 22,756
The Border Practice 9,420
Princes Gardens Surgery 9,153
The Wellington Practice 3,335
  Total: 44,664

Clinical Director: Dr Russell Swart and Dr Alice Earl

Practice Patient population
Giffard Drive Surgery 9,331
Voyager Family Health 18,459
Alexander House Surgery 9,295
Jenner House Surgery 8,788
Mayfield Medical Centre 9,277
North Camp Surgery 5,094
  Total: 60,244


Clinical Director: Dr David Brown

Practice Patient population
The Ferns Medical Practice 10,645
Downing Street Group Practice 12,534
River Wey Medical Practice 7,012
Holly Tree Surgery 6,054
Farnham Dene Medical Practice 12,370
  Total: 48,615


Clinical Directors: Dr Will Gossage and Dr Michelle Sinclair

Practice Patient population
Richmond Surgery 13,856
Fleet Medical Centre 14,556
Branksomewood Healthcare Centre 13,203
Crondall New Surgery 5,220
  Total: 46,835

Clinical Director: Dr Gareth Robinson

Practice Patient population
Oakley Health Group 27,779

Clinical Directors: Dr Mark Pugsley & Edmund Cartwright

Practice Patient population
Bartlett Group Practice 27,690
Park House Surgery 6,816
Station Road Surgery 7,742
Park Road Group Practice 20,865
Upper Gordon Road Surgery 11,756
Camberley Health Centre 9,970
Lightwater Surgery 12,315
  Total: 97,154