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Helping you to stay well

Our prevention and self-care work is helping to ensure people have the skills, confidence and support to self-care and to stay well.

In this section of the website we've brought together a range of different sources of information to help our residents manage their physical and mental health better to enable them to enjoy longer, healthier lives.

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We need to move beyond delivering prevention programmes to our population and start creating prevention programmes with them that can really make a difference. Through engaging residents and patients and providing them with the right knowledge and support, we will manage the ever-growing demand for hospital services and our wider health services, with focused programmes aimed at helping people find community based support for issues such as alcohol related harm, improvements in physical inactivity, obesity, anticipatory frailty and social isolation. 

We aim to work with local people so together we can:

Increase blood pressure screening: 'Increasing access to blood pressure screening to our population by offering this through clinical pharmacists and the Fire Service'

Encourage self-care: Enabling people to have the opportunity to provide their own care, as well as providing staff the skills, confidence and tools to encourage behavioural change through every possible contact made.

Use digital technology: Using technology to encourage people to become more physically active.

Reduce smoking: Introducing the 'Making Every Contact Count' programme where all our staff receive training to discuss with patients how they might wish to change their behaviour so they can improve their own health.

Reduce Obesity: Creating a partnership wide approach to tackling obesity
Prevent Diabetes: Offering education programmes to help people change their behaviour to prevent them from becoming diabetic, as part of the National Diabetes Prevention Programme.

Reduce alcohol consumption: Introducing an Alcohol Care Team at Wexham Park Hospital similar to the team at Frimley Park Hospital, and increasing the service availability from 5 to 7 days a week.

Frimley Health and Care is one of five systems that have been selected to take part in the national Building Healthy Partnerships programme which builds relationships between the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector and STPs/ICS that deliver improvements to health and care for local people. It’s designed to help systems to better engage and involve patients and the voluntary, community and social enterprise sector in working around issues specific to our system.  Our focus is going to be prevention and self-care, focussed on hard to reach sections of our community and looking digital solutions.
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