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Know where to go when feeling unwell

Your local NHS is here for you in a covid-safe way.

If you live in the Frimley Health and Care area and need healthcare, there are many ways to access help and support close to home. (Click on the below image to enlarge)

Is it urgent or an emergency? Know where to go when you are feeling unwell

It’s important that we all know where to turn when we or someone we care for needs help.

As demand for NHS services increases, particularly when services are under considerable pressure, it is important that you are seen and supported by the appropriate service for your health concern.

Frimley Health and Care have produced a flow chart which can help you determine which service you need. By following this simple flow chart, you can feel confident you are choosing the right service for your health concern whether it’s during working hours, in the evening or at weekends.  

Click on the below buttons for more detailed information on the different services available.

Did you also know we have collated our health and wellbeing information on one page to help you and your family stay well? Click HERE to visit.