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NHS 111 is just a phone call or a few clicks away for help, advice or referral for urgent medical problems when you’re unsure where to go. To get help from NHS 111, which is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, you can either go to (for people aged 5 and over only), or call 111.

Contact 111:

  • when the situation is not life threatening
  • if you think you need to go to hospital
  • if you don’t know the most suitable place to go or call
  • if you don’t have a GP to call or if your GP practice is closed
  • if you need advice or reassurance about what to do
  • for urgent help with your mental health

Your medical need or concern will be assessed by a health professional - ranging from nurses, doctors, pharmacists and paramedics - without you needing to leave your home. Depending on the outcome, you will, if needed, be directed to the most appropriate health service in a timely and safe way. This may include a booked appointment at your general practice. If your condition is more serious, you may be given a booked arrival time at a local Emergency Department.

You should also contact NHS 111 in the first instance for any minor injuries (for example, minor lacerations, minor burns, minor facial injuries, minor sports injuries).

If appropriate, NHS 111 will book you into an appointment at Brants Bridge, Bracknell to see the relevant clinician.

In all instances, your details will be passed onto the relevant clinicians so that they know when you are coming and why.

NHS 111 can also send an ambulance to you should your condition be assessed as being serious or life-threatening. However, anyone with life-threatening illnesses, injuries or emergencies, such as a heart attack or stroke, should dial 999 directly and immediately.