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Blood pressure

Here are just some of the reasons why everyone should 'Know Their Numbers' when it comes to blood pressure awareness.

1 in 2 strokes and heart attacks are the result of high blood pressure.

1 in 3 adults in the UK have high blood pressure.

1 in 2 adults with high blood pressure don’t know they have it or aren’t receiving treatment.

6 million people in the UK alone have high blood pressure and don’t know it.

£2.1 billion – that’s how much high blood pressure costs the NHS every year.

Because high blood pressure often has no symptoms, the first sign of it could be a heart attack or stroke. It can cause kidney disease, dementia and other illnesses too, but these can be prevented with medications and lifestyle changes.

Monitoring your blood pressure is easy and can be done at home. Take a look at the British Heart Foundation website for essential tips to monitor and reduce your blood pressure.