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Physical Wellbeing

Looking after our physical wellbeing when we are restricted in where we can go, our working environment or maybe what we can buy can be a challenge but there are plenty of sources of inspiration for exercise, cooking and relaxation all around us.

Since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic NHS England has launched the national Better Health campaign to support people to improve their physical health. People who are overweight or in general poor health have been shown to be at greater risk of harm from COVID-19.

People who smoke are also at greater risk of harm or death as a result of COVID-19 and since the pandemic began more than one million people have quit smoking. You can find specific information on the implications of COVID-19 for smokers, as well as ways of finding help to quit, by clicking here.

If you are looking for wellbeing apps and digital tools to help you keep well take a look at our health apps library.

The One you website is a one stop shop to support you in everything from giving up smoking to eating better and moving more.

Walking, Jogging and Cycling are not options available to everybody but if you prefer something different NHS Fitness studio hosts a range of videos to support you to work out at home.

When things get tough our sleep can often be something which starts to suffer NHS Sleep Well guide can offer advice and further links to help you drift off more easily.

There is lots of support available to people who live with long-term health conditions. Here are some links through to expert advice from some of the nation's leading health charities: