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Improving access to high quality services across the area

As demand for health and care services becomes more complex, and the lines between health and care organisations more blurred, it is essential that our services are people-based and not service, organisation or condition-based.

We want to reduce variation across our System, ensuring that our local community has access to the same high quality of services wherever they live.

Focussing on five keys areas; Circulation, Neurology, Musculoskeletal (MSK), Gastro-Intestinal, Diabetes and Respiratory–  this programme of work utilises medical expertise across our system, and the wider NHS and Social Care community, to spread good practice to reduce variation in quality and outcomes. 

Our integrated approach aims to ensure that we provide care for the whole individual, including their families and carers, and not simply treat a condition in isolation. By establishing services that bring together partners from physical and mental health, social care, general practice and the voluntary sector, we will adopt a common approach to co-designing services with local people to manage the needs of individuals living with complex needs, frailty and multiple physical and mental health conditions. This integrated approach will help to pro-actively manage the conditions of patients and residents, empowering them to maintain their independence for longer through the provision of ‘wrap around’ support to meet their needs.