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An A to Z for people with osteoarthritis of hip or knee

A key aim of the Frimley Health and Care Integrated Care System is to ensure health and care services provide the right support to enable people to stay healthy and independent in their own homes for as long as possible.

As part of this, patients, physiotherapists, GPs and consultants have been working with NHS commissioners across the system to create a complete resource to help osteoarthritis patients.

The result is ‘My Record’ a booklet which covers everything a patient should need from the moment of diagnosis. There are two versions - one for osteoarthritis of the hip and one for the knee.

There are many ambitions for the booklet. It is hoped that patients being diagnosed with osteoarthritis will be able to use the information, including dietary advice, specific physiotherapy exercises, weight management, expert contact details, and more, to better manage and even improve their own health. It is hoped not only that this reduce the numbers of people across the Frimley Health and Care ICS needing hip or knee surgery but also that those people who do require an operation will be much more informed and prepared, their expectations will be better managed and their recovery and rehabilitation will be easier and more positive.

If you think this guide would help you ask your GP for more information and a copy of the booklet.


Dr Martin Kittel, self-care lead for East Berkshire and one of the leading General Practitioners in the work, said: “For me the whole journey has been hugely educational and successful.

“Patients need support, so we created the term ‘supported self-care’. We are giving them support, we are coaching them, we are giving them the information, making them the experts so that they know what to do, but we are also looking after them when they need to be.”