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Supporting Care Homes and developing care support

We are working to transform the social care market to provide the most appropriate care options for local people. Co-designing a future-proof model of care and support which enables people to continue living at home for as long as possible, only going into hospital or a residential setting when essential to their care and support needs.

Work is on-going to scope current and future availability and demand for care and support - whether that is supplied in the home, in a care home, or in a specialist setting.

The public sector organisations across the system are working to jointly shape the care and support market available locally - promoting the variety of care and support that is available and helping local people understand what might work best for them.

We are working with care provider organisations and individuals to ensure the quality of all types of care is good and that the people being cared for are well looked after.

What will be different for local people

  • Local people will have better access to a wide variety of care and will be provided with information to help them or their families make the best decisions about how best to look after them.
  • Local people will be supported with appropriate care to remain in their home for as long as possible.
  • Partner organisations will use their joint influence to shape care services from providers that respond to local people‚Äôs needs.
  • Local people will be given more choice and flexibility in the care they choose and gain control in how they pay for those services.
  • Service users and their families will feel confident in the quality of the services being received, and report satisfaction with their care.
  • Care staff are well trained and supported to feel confident and happy in their role.
  • If people need to go into hospital, the transition to and from their care setting will be more timely and better managed.
  • Partnership organisations will collaborate to ensure the best possible use of public sector resources.
  • People with complex needs will be supported in a care setting as close to their home as possible.
  • Self-contained housing with tailored care is becoming an increasingly popular care option. Encouraging provider organisations to develop more of this type of care will enable more local people to get the most appropriate care for them.

Message to the Market Document

This document outlines the shared aims and priorities of Frimley Health and Care to shape a care and support market that is sustainable and fit for purpose across the system for the future. It will achieve this by developing and embedding a collaborative commissioning culture that creates a sustainable care and support market that is responsive to demand and which specifically addresses equity of price, capacity, capability and quality at a system and local level.

Read the Message to the Market here