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Stop Look Care

Stop Look Care is a framework created to support health and care workers across Frimley Health and Care.

It enables them to feel confident in the care that they are delivering. It supports care plans, and allows workers to monitor people's health and to recognise signs of deterioration in a person’s wellbeing. It can also be used to support care and as a reference guide for families and Personal Assistants.

Using the Stop Look Care framework allows people to understand the following:

  • Why different aspects of observation can be important
  • The signs and symptoms of deterioration and what to look for
  • The actions required following a structured traffic light system

The Stop Look Care actions are defined as:

The benefits of using STOP LOOK CARE

The Stop Look Care approach, can help to:

  • Reduce hospital admissions for conditions like Urinary Tract Infections and Falls
  • Reduce ambulance call outs and journeys to Hospital
  • Prevent hospital re-admissions
  • Support personalisation of care and achieve outcomes that prolong a person’s independence

Learn about STOP LOOK CARE:

Some resources

The following resources can be used to help understand more about SLC.

Training resources (to be used with the below films)


For More Information on Stop Look Care, please contact

Karen Hampton
Programme Lead - Community Deal Strategic Ambition - Frimley Health and Care ICS


If you have any questions, comments or feedback to give about the Stop Look Care page or any of the materials available, please get in touch.

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