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SLC September 2020 update


This update has been put together to inform you about the progress Frimley ICS have made since the rollout of the Stop Look Care initiative from January 2020.

Stop Look Care (SLC) is a framework designed to help carers, unpaid carers and personal assistants recognise soft signs of deterioration. It helps to do this by advising on how to identify the changes if someone's heath is deteriorating or is at risk of deteriorating.

Since, February this year we have engaged with Domiciliary Care agencies, Integrated care teams (ICTs) and Local Authorities to understand how we should roll this programme out, to achieve maximum benefits for patient/client care. Our aim is keep those we provide care to, healthier and independent for longer.

Kiran Kaur (Learning and Development Manager – Frimley ICS) who is one of the leads on the rollout, states:

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"It’s been a really demanding period for many care agencies this year due to Covid. However, it is so promising to see that from the 39 domiciliary care agencies we approached, 22 signed up and set time aside to participate in our Stop Look Care Awareness sessions.”

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Your thoughts so far….

In May 2020, we sent out invites to 39 domiciliary agencies asking if they would like to book onto a Stop Look Care awareness session.

Around 22 agencies responded and we delivered sessions to 40 participants. From this,18 people completed our feedback survey and the results revealed the following:

  • 94% of Senior Managers stated they strongly agreed or agreed that delivering SLC training to their staff is an effective use of their time
  • 100% of participants said they would recommend the SLC awareness training and materials to other organisations, colleagues or teams.
  • 94% of participants stated the training would help their staff to become confident in using the SLC approach

Stop Look Care training in action

Since receiving SLC training in July 2020, Forever Home Care - based in Slough - are now successfully delivering their own in–house SLC Awareness sessions to staff.