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New maternity website created by local women working with midwives and doctors

A new website has been launched to support local women and families on their journey from family planning to parenthood.

The Frimley Health and Care maternity site - - provides people living across the area with a ‘one-stop shop’ for all the resources and information that they might need.

Local women helped midwives and doctors to design and test the site to ensure that it has the right information, is focussed on a woman’s maternity journey and is presented in a simple and accessible way.

Emma Luhr, Director of Midwifery at Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust, said: “I am pleased and proud to announce the launch of this new website for women, their families and other health professionals to access information about the services we offer.

“It is a fantastic resource that is the result of women and health professionals working together and it enables women to access both our services and also important information about pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal period.”

The website is divided into sections covering the different stages of pregnancy, from the planning stage, through the pregnancy itself, to labour and birth and then advice to new mothers on how they can care for their babies and themselves.

There is nationally recognised expert advice as well as local service detail, such as information on the area’s two main hospitals: Frimley Park and Wexham Park, and important contact details.

The site covers physical, mental and emotional health aspects of pregnancy to ensure that expectant mothers and their families know what can arise and what they can do in certain situations. It also offers practical advice, such as what to pack in your hospital bag prior to going into labour, what to do if you are worried – and even what the birthing partner can bring.

Kate Hargreaves & Erika Townsend, CoChairs of Frimley and Wexham Maternity Voice Partnership commented, “The Partnership are delighted to have been involved with the creation of this new website. Everyone has worked really hard, with feedback at every stage of development from women who have recently used the maternity services, to make sure it contains the information that women and their families really want to know to make their experience more reassuring, informed and enjoyable. We believe that this website will prove to be an incredibly valuable resource for parents and professionals alike”.

The site will be further developed over the coming months as we hope to hear from even more local women about other sections they would like to see added, via the feedback function on the site.

The website also uses an online translation service, making it accessible to non-English speakers.