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Caring for baby and yourself

What to expect

Watch the video below to learn what to expect in the postnatal period for you and your baby including the care you can expect to receive regardless of where you birthed your baby.

Postnatal schedule of care

Visit One

The first visit by the community midwife is on the day after you leave hospital. Both you and your baby will be examined to ensure you are both well. Your physical and emotional wellbeing will be discussed and also baby's feeding patterns. Please take this opportunity to ask any questions or share your worries and concerns. 

Please register your baby at the GP as soon as possible


Visit Two (day 5)

As well as checking you are well, the midwife or maternity care assistant will weigh your baby and take the Newborn Screening blood test. 


Visit Three (day 9/10)

The midwife will check your physical and emotional wellbeing and weigh your baby. Your midwife will discuss with you:

  • postnatal exercises
  • registering the birth of your baby
  • contraception
  • the six to eight week postnatal check for you and your baby with your GP
  • any other concerns you may have

If all is well the midwife will transfer you to the care of the Health Visitors.

Who to call

If you need advice in the first 28 days call 0300 013 2004 or your Health Visitor.

Healthier Together Programme

The web resource provides advice for parents, young people and pregnant women, and clinical resources to support healthcare professionals.