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Positioning and attachment

How you position your baby is important for your comfort and for your baby to feed effectively at the breast. The following may be helpful as you and your baby learn this new skill together. You may like to feed your baby in skin to skin as skin contact continues to be beneficial and comforting for both of you.


Tips for successful positioning and attachment 

  • Chin – Your baby’s chin needs to meet your breast first as you
    bring them to the breast.


  • Head Free – No hands or fingers behind the baby’s head, they need to be able
    to tilt their head backwards as they come to the breast and feed.


  • In- Line – Your baby’s head, neck, shoulders and pelvis all need to be in a
    straight line whilst they feed.


  • Nose to nipple – To achieve the correct attachment you need to begin by
    positioning your baby with their nose opposite your nipple.


  • Sustainable – For the feed to be sustainable you and your baby need to be

Remember CHINS.

Signs that your baby is feeding well

Feeding is comfortable for both of you. Please seek advice if you have any pain

Your baby's cheeks are full and rounded

Your baby's chin is indenting the breast

You will see (or hear) rhythmic suckling and swallowing

Your baby will have at least 8-10 feeds per 24 hours

Your baby will have an increasing number of wet and dirty nappies

By day 5 your baby should have at least 5 heavy wet nappies and a minimum of 2 yellow dirty nappies in 24 hours.